Finland rejects same-sex marriage Bill

The Finnish Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee has rejected a Bill to introduce ‘gender-neutral’ marriage.

The committee voted 9-8 against the Bill, which means it will now not be brought before the full Parliament.

The Bill was proposed by Alexander Stubb, from the National Coalition Party which is part of the coalition Government.


Currently in Finland, same-sex couples can register their partnerships and have the same legal benefits as those who are married.

In the US, 31 states have rejected legalising gay marriage, following votes by the people.

And just eleven out of the 193 UN member countries have legalised same-sex marriage, including Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


Last year, the Parliament of Australia overwhelmingly rejected attempts to legalise gay marriage.

MPs voted against redefining marriage by 98 votes to 42.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard is personally opposed to same-sex marriage but allowed her party a free vote on the matter.


The leader of the Australian Christian Lobby, Jim Wallace, said the Parliament has now expressed a decisive view on the matter.

“Everyone has had enough of this debate,” Mr Wallace said.

“It has been one of the most vitriolic campaigns I have ever seen and it has demonised so many good people out of the public square, such as Victoria’s chief psychologist Kuravilla George, who lost his job as a member of Victoria’s Equal Opportunity Commission because he supported marriage.”