Fines for drunk louts up two thirds in three years

The number of yobs fined for being drunk and disorderly has risen by two thirds since 2004, yet the Government still refuses to reverse its decision to allow all-day drinking.

Official Government figures show that the £80 penalty notices have risen from 26,609 in 2004 to 43,556 in 2006. Labour introduced 24-hour drinking in November 2005.

Following a review of all-day drinking laws the Government abandoned plans for a U-turn, claiming that there had been no significant increase in drink-related crime.

A recent police crack-down on teen binge drinking recovered 44,000 pints of alcohol from under-age children.

Shadow Home Secretary, David Davis, obtained the figures on fines from the Government. He said: “It’s bad enough so many people are getting away with a serious offence with the equivalent of a parking ticket.

“It is a real insult to those who suffer at the hands of drink-fuelled anti-social behaviour that barely half of these are paid.”