Film-makers rewrite history to push salacious same-sex story line

Film-makers have been criticised for creating a fictional same-sex storyline about palaeontologist Mary Anning.

The film showcases the life achievements of the “unsung hero of fossil discovery” who was known for her work along the coastline of Lyme Regis.

But her family are furious she is being portrayed as a lesbian simply because she was a single woman.

Undermines achievements

Mary Anning made her first major fossil discovery in 1811 at only 12 years old.

She went on to discover many other dinosaur skeletons, but as a woman was not allowed to publish her writings and reports.

Despite her ground-breaking achievements, the film will focus on an entirely fictional romance between Anning (Kate Winslet) and a younger woman (Saoirse Ronan).

Rewriting history

Family, experts and fans have argued it will undermine her legacy, which is “interesting enough” without adding a salacious same-sex relationship.

Distant relative Barbara Anning said: “I do not believe there is any evidence to back up portraying her as a gay woman… I believe Mary Anning was abused because she was poor, uneducated and a woman. Is that not enough?”

Fan, Pamela Grogan agreed there was “no significance” to the added plot.

The sensationalising of Anning’s life is only the latest in a series of attempts to rewrite historic lives and to portray them as homosexual.

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