Failed all-day drinking laws may be here to stay

The Prime Minister is expected to resist calls to abolish 24-hour drinking, in spite of evidence that it has failed to change Britain’s binge-drinking culture.

Speaking to the Mirror newspaper, Gordon Brown said tougher penalties and advertising campaigns would be used to tackle underage drinking.

However, the Government is expected to leave intact the laws allowing premises to sell alcohol up to 24 hours a day.

The decision contradicts recommendations of doctors and council leaders who have highlighted the negative impact of all-day drinking on public health and crime.

The chairman of the Local Government Association and leader of Westminster Council, Sir Simon Milton, said: “Historically this country has had a problem with drink and the chief measure we had to control the problem was licensing hours. The licensing act essentially tossed that away and didn’t put anything new in its place.”

A report from the British Medical Association has also called on the Government to change its alcohol policy.

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