Exclusive: Ex-drug addict says cannabis is a ‘gateway’ drug

Cannabis is a “gateway drug” that exposes users to other people who are involved in “harder substances” and should not be legalised, an ex-drug addict has told The Christian Institute.

Luke Wardle, who began selling drugs at the age of 15 went on to deal in amphetamines and developed a cocaine habit by the age of 19.

Luke told the Institute how smoking cannabis caused him to climb up the ladder of drugs.

He described how his various addictions led to feelings of paranoia, anxiety and depression.

Speaking of other addicts he knew, he explained how cannabis had left them in a “complete mess” with some even developing serious mental health problems including schizophrenia.

Luke, whose wife is now expecting their first child, also told the Institute of his astonishment that instead of prison he only faced a £480 fine for importing a large amount of cannabis from Amsterdam.

Cannabis is a Class B drug – possession can result in up to five years in prison, although police are able to issue a warning or an on-the-spot fine of £90.

Luke later came to know Christ.

In this interview, he tells Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, his story and why he’s against the liberalisation of cannabis.

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