Ex-trans: ‘You end up destroying yourself’

A man who underwent surgery in an attempt to ‘change sex’ has shared his story to warn others, after being left “psychologically scarred” and “physically mutilated”.

Marcus, not his real name, left his family and lived as if a woman for several years before realising he had been sold a lie.

After legally returning to his true sex, he now seeks to support other ‘detransitioners’ and share their experiences with wider society.


At his first appointment at a gender clinic, Marcus was told by a nurse: “If you think you are trans, that means you are trans”, and was prescribed hormone treatment after just one 15-minute session.

At almost every subsequent appointment, clinic staff offered him surgery ‘as if they were waiters offering him a menu’.

He eventually agreed to an orchiectomy to remove his testicles – a procedure he was left to believe was like having a mole removed. He was also told he did not need a second medical opinion.


Marcus’s doubts became more pronounced after suffering side-effects as a result of his surgery, and later as his body became unable to produce the hormones needed to maintain adequate bone density.

Years after his first appointment, he now believes he was rushed through the system, having been signed off without the required number of evaluations.

He later discovered that the doctor who had approved his surgery was a transgender activist who prided herself in making it easier for people to transition.

He says he felt “betrayed” and suffered severe depression as a result, even attempting suicide, before deciding to turn his life around and return to living as a man.


Marcus branded the radical transgender ideology to which he succumbed: “a weird, inside-out head game of discovering your ‘true self'”, but which “really ends up destroying yourself”.

When high-profile figures such as Bruce Jenner transitioned, Marcus’s friends thought he would be pleased with the coverage.

He wasn’t, responding “The whole thing is a fraud and it’s starting to fall apart for me and I bet it will for everyone else too”.

He said support is now growing for detransitioners as “more of the general public has become aware of how little sense transgenderism actually makes”.

‘Tunnel vision’

Last month, a BBC documentary highlighted the story of Daniel who underwent medical interventions in an attempt to ‘change sex’. Like Marcus, he too eventually realised his mistake and returned to his birth sex.

After a traumatic childhood he took cross-sex hormones as an adult, before receiving invasive surgery, which he described as “the worst thing I could have done”.

He told The Detransitioners programme he had “tunnel vision” which prevented him realising the truth, and has undergone complete reversal surgery.

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