Ex-trans: ‘I had tunnel vision that transitioning would make me happy’

A BBC documentary has highlighted the stories of those who undergo medical interventions in an attempt to ‘change sex’, but later realise their mistake and return to their birth sex.

The Detransitioners tells the stories of Brian and Daniel.

Both men lived as women for more than ten years, believing that transitioning would make them happy.


Daniel had a traumatic childhood and said he “started developing in my mind that being a male was bad”.

He said: “I developed a fear of being male”, and decided to transition to female.

As an adult he took cross-sex hormones, before receiving invasive surgery, which he now describes as “the worst thing I could have done”.


He says he came to realise he was male and that he should return to his birth sex.

He now says he had “tunnel vision” which prevented him realising the truth, and has undergone complete reversal surgery.

Brian Belovitch also lived as a woman – Natalia – for over a decade before he also realised he was male.

Legal action

A woman taking legal action against the NHS’s gender clinic for children says doctors there should have challenged her false belief that she was a man.

Last month, a High Court judge granted a request for Keira Bell’s case to be heard against the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust’s Gender Identity Development Service.

The former transsexual and others are arguing that children cannot give informed consent to receiving life-altering puberty-blocking drugs and cross-sex hormones.

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