Ex-Team GB star who refused abortion gives birth to triplets

A former Team GB gymnast who rejected advice to abort two of her triplets has given birth to all three babies.

Jaime Halsey had previously spoken out about her situation, saying: “I wasn’t prepared to abort two healthy babies just to make life easier”.

Now she has given birth to Eden Rose, Amber Joy and Erin Aila at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.


She said it was the “best feeling ever” to see all three girls, commenting that the birth was “the most amazing, yet surreal experience of my life”.

There were only minor complications which saw the triplets placed in special care, but husband Steve expressed his delight at the birth, and added: “Now our journey really begins”.

Before the birth Jaime, who was Team GB’s first female trampolinist when she appeared at the 2000 Olympic Games, explained her situation.

At her twelve-week scan doctors told her that “one of the twins is 25 per cent smaller than the other and there’s a massive risk of further growth restrictions”.


They also said that she risked putting her own body under strain to keep the babies healthy.

“My initial emotional reaction was ‘I can’t do that, I will keep them all and carry on with the pregnancy whatever'”, she commented.

The couple made the decision that they would “give the three babies the best opportunity we possibly could to come into the world”.

She said at the time: “I am determined to make this happen. I could not live with myself if I sacrificed two of them – to save one.”

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