Ex-gay defends doctor in Iris Robinson storm

A former homosexual has leapt to the defence of under-fire psychiatrist, Dr Paul Miller, saying therapy helped him leave his gay life.

Listen to an extract from the BBC’s Stephen Nolan show:

Dr Miller has found himself in the middle of a storm after Iris Robinson MP referred to his work helping people who suffer unwanted same-sex attraction.

She made her comments on a BBC Northern Ireland radio interview last week, saying therapy can help homosexuals change to become heterosexual.

Since then Dr Miller has been slammed in the news media by homosexual activists but others have supported his work.

Now forty-year-old James Parker, who lives in London, praised Dr Miller and said he thought everyone who wishes to avail of his services should have the freedom to do so.

“I have had several sessions with Dr Miller in my journey,” said Mr Parker in the Belfast Newsletter. “I came out as a young gay man at 17 in London without any hostility from anyone and was very active in the gay lifestyle.”

Later he met a group of Christians. “I learnt it was possible to have friendships which were non-sexual,” he said.

“I saw this new community which was centred around other people and I noticed the community I was in was narcissistic and self-centred in comparison. I began to question my identity – was it simply my sexual orientation?

“Through therapy I began to deal with some traumatic incidents in my past where I had been raped and sexually abused. I had found sexual abuse gave me human attention but in a perverted sort of way.”

Mr Parker has now been happily married for two years. “I don’t have homosexual feelings any longer,” he said.

“I can recognise a good looking man but I am no longer attracted to them because I have the affirmation that I am a strong male.

“If people want to explore the journey of orientation therapy counselling it is important it is readily available within safe boundaries,” he said. “I have seen it work with too many people to turn back and reject it.”

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