‘Evidence shows redefining marriage will damage Australia’

The wide-ranging consequences of redefining marriage in the UK should serve as a warning to the people of Australia, a researcher and commentator has said.

Writing online for The Spectator Australia, David Sergeant pointed out the wide-ranging effects that legalising same-sex marriage has had in England and Wales since it became legal in 2013.

He spoke out as Australia votes on same-sex marriage through a postal vote.


Sergeant wrote: “In the United Kingdom, it has become abundantly clear that redefinition has affected many people, across many spheres. At first glance, these spheres appeared distinct from marriage redefinition. However, subsequent changes have proved that they are entirely intertwined.”

He particularly highlighted the fact that freedom of religion has suffered since the change.

“Much was made in the UK about supposed exemptions, designed to ensure that believers would always be allowed to stay true to their convictions. Four years later, the very same people who made ‘heartfelt promises’, now work tirelessly to undermine them.”

Ashers Baking Company

Referring to Ashers Baking Company – Sergeant asked: “What crime was committed by this tiny business? Politely declining to decorate a cake with a political message in support of same-sex marriage.”

He also criticised comments made by Equalities Minister Justine Greening earlier this year that churches should embrace gay marriage.

Addressing sex education, Sergeant said it has been “transformed and disfigured” since the introduction of same-sex marriage: “TV programmes, aimed at children as young as three, promote ‘gender fluidity’, as an enabler of thoughtfulness and individuality.”

He also raised concerns about what is being taught in schools and the issue of parental right of withdrawal.


He concluded: “I urge every Aussie to examine the evidence, analyse the results and be clear about what you’re voting for.

“If it was solely marriage, it would worth preserving. It’s infinitely more.”

The Australian Bureau of Statistics, which is carrying out the same-sex marriage ballot, has said it will announce the results of the vote in mid-November.