Evangelicals ‘very saddened’ by Methodist support for gay marriage

Evangelical Methodists have urged the nationwide denomination to remain faithful to the Bible, after the church indicated support for same-sex marriage.

Yesterday the Methodist Conference gave its support to “provisional resolutions” on relationships. Methodists around the country will now consider the issue before the Conference votes again next year.

Methodist Evangelicals Together (MET) called for all voices to be heard in the consultation, adding that marriage is solely for one man and one woman.


In May, the Methodist Church’s Marriage and Relationships Task Group gave its support to homosexual marriage, cohabitation and civil partnerships. It also suggested a divorce church service.

At the Conference in Birmingham, the principle of allowing same-sex marriages in Methodist churches was passed by 247 votes to 48.

MET’s David Hull said: “I’m very saddened by that decision.”


Speaking to Premier Christian Radio, he affirmed God’s good plan for people as either heterosexual marriage or singleness.

“I just hope that throughout the consultation, the voices of local Methodists will be heard and will be listened to and taken into account when conference decides whether or not to ratify these decisions next year.

“We continue to urge the church to remain faithful.”


On Monday, MET held a fringe event which heard Sarah Sedgwick explain why she had turned away from a lesbian lifestyle.

In May, Sarah told The Christian Institute her story of realising – through the ministry of her Methodist church – that the Bible is clear why homosexual practice is wrong.

Asked why she would want to speak out on the controversial topic, she said it was to help others avoid being misled on such an important issue.

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