‘End disabled abortions after Paralympic heroics’

We celebrate the achievements of our “deeply impressive” Paralympians, but the Government is content to justify the routine abortion of disabled babies, a prominent blogger has said.

The blogger, who writes under the pseudonym Archbishop Cranmer, used the attention given to British involvement at Rio to call for an end to the “ethical incoherence” of killing disabled unborn babies.

In 2011, the number of babies being killed on the grounds of a disability stood at 2,307. This had risen to 3,213 by 2015.


Cranmer challenged the logic of Parliament rightly refusing to legalise assisted suicide on grounds that included protecting the ‘vulnerable’, while simultaneously failing to protect unborn disabled children.

Such lives, he highlighted, are not safeguarded but “may be freely and swiftly terminated in the womb.”

The influential blogger drew attention to remarks made by Chairman of the British Olympic Association and former London 2012 organiser, Lord Coe.

London 2012

After the London Paralympics, Lord Coe said: “we will never think of disability in the same way”.

Cranmer responded: “surely we must lift ‘the cloud of limitation’ on the thousands of unborn babies in the womb, whom providence has seen fit to gift with one leg, no arms, no eyes, dwarfism, cerebral palsy, Down’s or spina bifida.”

He concluded by asking who could justify “snuffing out the giftedness and limitless potential of these superhumans?”


Earlier this month, a British Paralympian revealed how his parents refused a doctor’s offer to kill him.

Ali Jawad, who was born in Lebanon without legs, went on to win a powerlifting silver-medal in Rio.

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