Empowering parents: ‘Equipped for equality’ publication launched

The Christian Institute has today launched ‘Equipped for equality’ – a guide to what schools can and cannot do in the name of equality and human rights.

The publication helps parents separate fact from fiction and empowers them to have constructive conversations with schools.

It spells out legal protections afforded to pupils and parents, and debunks myths surrounding what schools are required to do.

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Dos and don’ts

Equipped for equality sets out five lines of argument:

– Equality law requires schools to protect, not promote

– Respecting people does not require agreement

– Schools must educate, not indoctrinate

– Schools cannot compel thought and expression

– Schools must balance the rights of transgender pupils with the rights of others


Institute Director Colin Hart said: “We believe that schools should respect all their pupils. But sadly this respect doesn’t always extend to Christians.

“Equipped for equality is the first in a series of free publications we’re producing to begin addressing these issues.”

He added: “I’m delighted to make it available to parents, pupils and anyone else who is concerned that equality and human rights law should be applied correctly.”

Speaking on Premier Christian Radio, The Christian Institute’s Education Officer said that the publication would help parents engage with their child’s school.

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