‘Emergency’ assembly held after school STI outbreak

A secondary school in Scotland has held an “emergency” sexual health assembly amid fears of an outbreak of chlamydia amongst pupils.

The students at Buckhaven High School, in Fife, were given advice on protection from sexually transmitted infections because of rumours that several pupils had contracted the disease.

A former student of the school said teachers had to act because so many pupils were suffering from chlamydia.


The unnamed source said: “The school realised they had to take action with so many affected. It’s a pretty worrying situation when young people are playing Russian roulette with their sexual health.”

And many people reacted to the rumoured outbreak on social networking websites including Twitter.

One senior pupil Craig Sinclair said: “It’s shocking what’s happened.”


Someone also set up a Facebook page entitled “Don’t have sex because you will get Chlamydia” following the assembly.

But Fife Council head of education Joe Fitzpatrick claimed pupils are “routinely” given sexual health advice, and said this was not an emergency assembly.

A council spokeswoman said she was unable to confirm or deny whether Buckhaven High has experienced a problem with sexual health.

Approximately one in ten young people tested in Scotland are affected by chlamydia.

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