Elderly pro-lifer assaulted by pro-abortion activist

An 85-year-old US man was violently assaulted by a pro-abortion activist for standing outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic with a banner last week.

A video posted online documents the vicious attack in California, in which the elderly man attempts to stop the activist from stealing the banner.

It shows the activist throwing his bike against the pro-lifer, knocking him down and shouting: “Stay on the ground, old man, unless you want to get hurt.”


This was the second such disturbance at the San Francisco clinic in a week by the same attacker.

On the first occasion, the perpetrator threw a sign, a table, and pro-life literature into the street and knocked two of the pro-lifers to the ground, including the same 85-year-old man.

This time, when the elderly man refused to let go of the banner, he was repeatedly kicked and threatened until he let go.

Despite the attacks, the pro-lifers have seen no increased police presence outside of the clinic.


It follows the news of a group of elderly pro-lifers who were threatened outside an abortion clinic in Manchester.

The group, part of 40 Days for Life, were confronted by a “six-foot aggressor”, who screamed obscenities at them and threw their leaflets and placards over a nearby fence.

Tom Gill said he had “never seen anything like that” in the 15 years he had been involved in peaceful pro-life campaigning.

And 75-year-old Aileen Power said she was “sad that people would do that when we’re just trying to save lives.”

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