Drugs ‘shooting gallery’ proposals quashed by Westminster

The Government has rejected an attempt by Bristol City Council to open ‘safe spaces’ where addicts can take drugs without risk of prosecution.

Following a local report recommending the strategy, council leaders indicated to the Government they would be “interested in piloting an approach” to drugs involving opening consumption rooms.

But Ministers objected to the proposed citywide scheme, and refused to lift the current ban on so-called ‘shooting galleries’ in the UK.

Criminal offence

The Home Office told the council it had no plans to change the law, adding that anyone running such a facility “would be committing a range of offences including possession of a controlled drug and being concerned in the supply of a controlled drug”.

A spokesperson said: “Our approach on drugs remains clear – we must prevent drug use in our communities, support people through treatment and recovery, and tackle the supply of illegal drugs.”

When quizzed about the issue earlier this year, Boris Johnson said he was not “instinctively attracted” to something that might lead to an increase in the use of illegal substances.

The Prime Minister said there were also “legitimate questions to be asked about measures that might encourage more consumption of drugs”.

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