Downing Street ‘set for first gay wedding’

David Cameron’s broadcasting adviser is set to enter a gay marriage with the man who was formerly deputy director for civil service reform.

Michael Salter, who advised the Prime Minister over the recent redefinition of marriage, met Rob Church at a Stonewall awards ceremony.

Salter told the London Evening Standard that the pair are “still choosing a venue”, but it is “likely to be London”.


When the journalist asked him if the Prime Minister would be attending the wedding, he said they hadn’t yet sent out invitations.

“Michael’s not having a gay marriage in spite of being a Conservative. He’s having a gay marriage because he’s a Conservative”, a friend told the London newspaper – echoing comments made by Mr Cameron in 2011.

At the time of the Prime Minister’s speech, one critic said: “If you can’t conserve the institution of marriage, what can you conserve?”


In December last year a petition of 500,000 signatures was left out of headline figures on the Government’s consultation on redefining marriage.

Despite assurances from civil servants that all submissions would be treated equally, Coalition for Marriage’s petition was ignored.

Earlier this year the Prime Minister admitted that the country is divided on gay marriage – yet claimed “it is right for Britain”.


The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act received Royal Assent in July this year, despite widespread opposition.

Later in the month David Cameron held a party for gay activists in Downing Street and said he wants to export same-sex marriage all over the world.

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