‘Doctors continually told me to abort but I chose life’

A mother who was told repeatedly to abort her baby has spoken of her delight at his progress after he was born three months premature.

Doctors warned Stacey Dickinson that her son Freddie-Lee could be born with Down’s syndrome or small limbs.

Freddie was born with serious health complications but has battled on and the family recently celebrated his first birthday.

Fight for life

Stacey told the Lancashire Evening Post that she had to fight for Freddie’s life.

Describing the doctors who dealt with her after she became pregnant, she said: “Right up to 29 weeks they were trying to make me get rid of him because they said he would not survive”.

“It got to the stage where I didn’t want to go to ante-natal classes because I knew they would keep trying to convince me to have an abortion”, she added.

Intensive care

When Stacey arrived for her 29-week appointment doctors discovered that Freddie was not getting a supply of blood through the placenta and rushed her for an emergency C-section.

Right up to 29 weeks they were trying to make me get rid of him because they said he would not survive

Stacey Dickinson

Freddie was born weighing about two pounds and had to spend time in a neo-natal intensive care unit.

During his time there Stacey noticed swelling in his stomach and he had to undergo five hours of surgery on his bowel.

He was finally allowed to go home three months after he was born, on his original due date.

Absolutely amazing

After his first birthday on 26 September, Stacey said that he is progressing well and is crawling, talking and feeding himself.

She said: “He’s absolutely amazing.”

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