‘Doctors advised abortion but my parents chose life’

A teenager has shared the amazing story of how her parents chose life, despite being advised to have an abortion by three doctors.

Rachel Guy read a journal written by her mother to discover the painful story of her parents’ battle to save her life.

She hopes that her story will “bring others hope” and raise awareness of doctors who use their influence in the medical community to “decide which lives have value”.

Intrinsic value

She told Live Action News, “If I had been diagnosed with a terminal disease at the age of two with no perceived hope of survival, it would have been criminal for any doctor to suggest just stopping my life right then and there because I was going to die anyway.

“But because I was in utero, the doctors decided that my life had no value and should be ended.”

She added: “Thankfully, my parents not only loved me unconditionally but they also saw the intrinsic value of my life and wanted to fight for my life.”


Rachel was born weighing one pound two ounces and spent five and a half months in hospital. Her mum stayed with her for up to twelve hours every day.

She is now 17 years old and has even written to the doctors who advised her parents to abort her to tell them that, “Jesus also loves them and is willing to forgive them if they will turn to him and stand for life not death”.

The teenager is working on a web resource with a list of pro-life doctors, to assist pregnancy crisis centres and women who are seeking care for themselves and their unborn babies.


The day before Rachel shared her story on Live Action News, a mother spoke of the joy she experienced when, as a teenager, she chose life for her baby.

Writing for Lifenews, Robin Keahey said that her eldest son is worth “more than the fear” she felt at 18.

She said that if she’d had an abortion, she “wouldn’t know the joy of having him wrap his arms around me and tell me he loves me”.

She added: “I would’ve missed all those years of kissing the top of his sweet little head. So now when my 6-foot-4 baby leans down to kiss me on the top of mine, I know without a doubt that choosing life not only saved him, it saved me too.”

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