Disney movies could feature gay families, says animator

A veteran Disney animator has suggested that the corporation would consider making a movie featuring a gay family if they found the right kind of story.

Andreas Deja, who is a homosexual and has worked on Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King, declared Disney as an “extremely gay-friendly company”.

Disney World and Disneyland are home to annual Gay Day parades and last year the studio appointed Hollywood’s first openly gay studio chief, Rich Ross.


According to an Australian news website, Mr Deja said: “Is there ever going to be a family that has two dads or two mums? Time will tell”.

“I think once they [Disney chiefs] find the right kind of story with that kind of concept, they will do it.

“It has to be the right kind of story and you have to find that first.”


The Polish-born animator made reference to characters such as Cinderella, who was part of a stepfamily, and Aladdin, who grew up on the streets, and was quick to point out that Disney has many characters that “come from unique family backgrounds”.

He added: “We are going to stay with family audiences and basically continue to do what Walt Disney tried to do.”

Earlier this year a homosexual producer of the nation’s favourite TV soap, Coronation Street, said he uses the show as a platform for pushing homosexual issues.

Phil Collinson told The Sun it is “an amazing platform” that really makes “a difference to the way people think”.


Mr Collinson said: “What’s transmitted on Monday night people talk about in pubs, clubs and at work the next day.

“You can really make a difference to the way people think – and this show has always had a gay sensibility.”

Homosexual lobby group, Stonewall, has in the past boasted of its influence over TV soaps to run plots sympathetic to its campaign issues.