‘Designer baby’ warning as model bids to select sex of next child

Model Danielle Lloyd says she wants to choose the sex of her next child, but a Christian doctor has said children should not be treated as commodities.

Lloyd, a former ‘Miss Great Britain’ winner, currently has four boys but told BBC 5 Live that she would like a “mini-me”, saying, “if I’m able to, why should I feel like I can’t?”

Sex selection is only allowed in the UK on strict medical grounds but Lloyd is considering going abroad for the procedure.


She explained that she loves her four boys and understands some people’s concerns about her actions but wants to “balance” her family.

Challenged about her intention, Lloyd replied: “It’s my life, why can I not make myself happy?”

Lloyd said she wants to investigate further before going ahead and would reject selecting a child based on other characteristics.

Unconditional love

Speaking on BBC Radio Tees, Dr Peter Saunders – Chief Executive of the Christian Medical Fellowship – said that the issue came down to an understanding of the nature of children.

“Is a child a gift to be cherished and loved unconditionally”, he asked, or “can we treat them much more like commodities to be chosen at will?”

He said selection on the basis of sex leads to choosing “any other biological characteristics” like eye colour or athletic ability.

“Where do you draw the line, you’re on the road to designer babies and eugenics.”

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