David Cameron did ‘do God’ over Easter

During Easter the Prime Minister hosted a Downing Street reception for church leaders and delivered a message noting Jesus’ teaching to “love God and love our neighbour”.

It is a stark contrast from Tony Blair’s years in Number 10, when his official spokesman Alastair Campbell famously pronounced “we don’t do God.”

David Cameron’s insistence that “Jesus taught us to love God and love our neighbour” irked the Guardian’s chief political correspondent.


Nicholas Watt didn’t like the “us” in that sentence, criticising it for not being “a neutral statement about faith”.

The statement was delivered on Easter Sunday. The Prime Minister said: “I would like to send my best wishes to everyone here in Britain and across the world as we come together to celebrate this very special festival in the Christian year.

“Easter is a time when Christians are reminded of God’s mercy and celebrate the life of Christ.


“In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus taught us to love God and love our neighbour. He led by example and for millions of us his teachings are just as relevant now as they were in his lifetime.

“As we share in this festival with our friends and family, we can all be reminded of the enormous contribution Christianity has made to our country.

“Easter reminds us all to follow our conscience and ask not what we are entitled to, but what we can do for others.


“It teaches us about charity, compassion, responsibility, and forgiveness. No matter what faiths we follow, these are values which speak to us all.

“I would like to send my best wishes to you and your families at this time, and enjoy a very Happy Easter.”

In June last year David Cameron became the first Tory Prime Minister to host a Downing Street reception for homosexual campaigners and celebrities.

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