Dangerous ‘anti-extremist’ plans restated by Theresa May

Home Secretary Theresa May says a future Conservative Government would crack down on “individual extremists who incite hatred”, despite widespread free speech concerns about her plans.

The Christian Institute, the National Secular Society, The Guardian newspaper and MPs have all spoken out against the proposed Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs).

Yesterday, however, the Home Secretary reiterated her determination to see EDOs introduced, as well as banning orders for “extremist groups”.


Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, warned last year that EDOs could be misused against Christians, while MP Dominic Raab argued that people objecting to same-sex marriage could be “slapped down” by the orders.

The National Secular Society said EDOs would “deprive individuals of their liberties” and The Guardian commented that they would be “not just illiberal but counterproductive”.

Speaking in London, May supported the idea of British values, which she said included, “equality, free speech and respect for minorities”.

She added: “We will therefore develop a positive campaign to promote British values and show clearly the opportunities they bring.”


In a wide-ranging speech, May also said she wanted to see an investigation into the use of Sharia law in England and Wales.

Currently in Britain, Sharia councils are operating their own legal system which puts Muslim women under pressure to stay in abusive marriages.

Independent Peer Baroness Cox has worked to raise awareness of the issue and has spoken of how some women have been discriminated against because Sharia law, rather than British law, is upheld.

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