Dancer with cerebral palsy: I use God-given gifts to tell others about him

A professional dancer has told how he uses his cerebral palsy, as well as his artistic talent, to point people to God.

Jerron Herman says he advocates “for God’s love” with his body, and acknowledges that while everyone has barriers to overcome, God is bigger.

He says that his disability connects him to many different people and that he is able to use it to speak of the good news of Jesus.

‘All things’

The dancer was born with cerebral palsy and suffers from muscle spasms, aches and pains.

But he was raised in a Christian home where his disability was never viewed as a burden.

Herman’s parents encouraged him with the verse Romans 8:28 – “in all things God works for the good of those who love him”.


Herman currently works with the Heidi Latsky Dance company, which aims to “redefine beauty and virtuosity” in its work with dancers who have disabilities.

But beyond the disability, he says that while people in the art world may understand issues of social justice, they ‘miss the crucial part of the puzzle’.

He says the Christian faith provides the truth that people are looking for, and that despite the challenges, God is faithful. “Believe and trust God. That’s been the emblem of my life”, he said.

Real God

“I know that people go through things, and there are real fears, real barriers. But also there’s a real God, who cares for your life, who cares for your heart and the things that you want to accomplish.”

While making clear that God is not “a genie”, he concluded by stating that his purposes are always the best for a fulfilling life.

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