Daily Mail: Europe cases spell church gay marriage trouble

The Daily Mail has said rulings against two Christians in Europe yesterday add to warnings that Churches could be sued for refusing to conduct same-sex marriages if they’re made legal.

The paper says in its editorial, “how depressingly predictable that the court found the rights of a sexual minority trumped those of Christians.

“Indeed, these rulings add great weight to this week’s warning that once gay marriage becomes law, churches may be sued if they refuse to embrace it.”


Yesterday, the European Court of Human Rights ruled against Lillian Ladele, a registrar who was forced out of her job for refusing to conduct civil partnerships.

The Daily Mail said it has “deep reservations” about the rulings, and says they “prove that the court’s respect for our national religion and the right of believers to follow their consciences is paper-thin.”

Five judges rejected Lillian Ladele’s claim, but two believed that she had suffered discrimination because of her Christian beliefs about marriage.

The judges that dissented said her refusal to conduct civil partnerships was a “manifestation of her deep religious conviction and beliefs” and the state is obliged to make accommodation for her faith.

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