Daily Mail ‘baffled’ that Govt pressing on with gay marriage

A national newspaper has said they are “simply baffled” that the Government wants to legalise gay marriage, since neither the gay nor straight community are crying out for it.

In the Daily Mail’s editorial, the paper criticised the Coalition for pressing ahead with the proposals “at this time of acute crisis.”

The editorial also disagreed with David Cameron’s assertion that redefining marriage is a “straightforward matter of equality.”


The editorial said: “It’s a highly complex and divisive issue, raising countless questions of theology and the constitution.”

Earlier this week, hundreds of traditional marriage supporters gathered for a fringe event at the Conservative Party conference.

Lord Carey, Ann Widdecombe and David Burrowes MP all gave speeches opposing the redefinition of marriage.


A petition calling for same-sex marriage proposals to be scrapped has been signed by more than 600,000 people.

But David Cameron is committed to pressing ahead with the change by 2015.

Colin Hart, campaign director for the Coalition for Marriage, told supporters at the fringe event that the proposals can still be defeated.