Criminal: Traditional marriage posters removed in ROI

A group that opposes redefining marriage in the Republic of Ireland has criticised the “criminal” and “anti-democratic” actions of campaigners who have been systematically removing posters in Dublin and elsewhere.

Mothers and Fathers Matter, which is urging people to vote “No” in this month’s gay marriage referendum, said there was a campaign of “harassment” and “intimidation” from those on the “Yes” side of the debate.

Last week, “Yes” campaigners posted on social media pictures of Mothers and Fathers Matter posters being removed.


The group said it was with “great regret” that they have decided to pass the matter on to the police.

A statement released by Mothers and Fathers Matter said: “There is very clearly a significant element of the YES side that either fears or opposes debate on this referendum. Instead, they are engaged in a campaign of harassment, intimidation, and criminality.”

“Our canvass returns show us that there are a significant number of people simply afraid to admit how they will vote in this referendum for fear of the reaction of YES campaigners”, the statement said.


The group called on the leaders of the “Yes” campaign to join them in criticising this behaviour.

Grainne Healy, spokeswoman for Yes Equality, said they “unreservedly” denounce the removal of pro-traditional marriage posters.

Mothers and Fathers Matter supporters were set to re-erect their posters at an event in Dublin today.

The referendum in Ireland takes place on 22 May.

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