Couple married for 75 years ‘more in love now than ever’

A couple who married in 1936 have spoken of their devotion to each other saying they are “more in love now than ever”.

Lionel, 99, and Ellen Buxton, who is 100, met in 1930 while both working in a factory in London.

Mrs Buxton told the Sunday Mirror that they “keep each other going” and that being good friends has kept them happy.


The couple got to know each other at a cable factory in Woolwich where Lionel Buxton was an apprentice engineer and Ellen was machinist.

“I always looked forward to her needing my help as it gave me a chance to talk to her. We got on so well, went on a few dates together and became a couple”, he said.

They married in July 1936 and stayed in London for the next 48 years.

“We would have loved to get married sooner, but we could not afford it,” Lionel commented.


The pair share interests in many sports, including darts and football, and both of them support Charlton Athletic Football Club.

Ellen said they “always make sure we have nice evenings out” and comments: “We have always been happy because we are good friends as well as being husband and wife”.

Last year a couple in America who were married for over 70 years and “just loved being together” died whilst holding hands.

Gordon and Norma Yeager lay side-by-side in hospital after a car crash.


After Gordon died, his heart monitor was still beeping as Norma’s heartbeat was passing through his hands.

The couple were survived by two children, 14 grandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild.