Couple choose life for their son diagnosed with a heart defect

A couple from the US have shared the remarkable story of how they rejected abortion and chose life for their son, after he was diagnosed with a heart defect.

Mother Frances Klimas said: “After hearing our son’s diagnosis, we were determined to give him life. But our doctors encouraged us to choose abortion from the very beginning.”

She wrote about their experience in an online blog and shared how doctors advised that their son “may not survive birth—and if he did, he would have a tragic life”.

Choose life

Frances, who is Roman Catholic, added that abortion was brought up in conversations with medical professionals several times, but adoption was never discussed.

“Our already-named son was referred to as only ‘the fetus’,” she said.

Walter was born on 1 October 2014, with a critical heart congenital disease (cCHD), a birth defect which affects the normal workings of the heart.

In the US, over 40 per cent of babies diagnosed with cCHD are “aborted for medical reasons”.

After hearing our son’s diagnosis, we were determined to give him life.
Frances Klimas

’God’s love’

Despite doctors’ expectations, Walter is now two years old and doing well.

Frances wrote in a separate blog post: “He allows me to see God’s love even in the most desperate of times”.

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