Council apologises for primary school inviting sexually explicit drag queen

A local authority in Scotland has apologised after one of its primary schools invited a drag queen to speak to children as young as four.

Renfrewshire Council said it was “sorry for the concern” it had caused after parents objected to the sexual content of social media posts by the individual.

The drag queen, Nathan Mullen, was accompanied to the school by SNP MP Mhairi Black. Black said that parents who complained were ‘homophobic’.


It is claimed that pupils in the school’s “Rainbow Club” requested the visit as part of LGBT History Month.

However parents quickly raised concerns about the performer after they saw highly sexualised images on his public social media account.

A spokeswoman for the local authority said this was “not appropriate for children” and had they been aware, the visit would not have taken place.

‘Understandable concerns’

A parent of a child at the school said that there had been “no information” about what was taking place. “Surely that’s a parent’s choice?”

Mhairi Black, the SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South, accused parents who complained of “homophobia” and “faux sincerity”.

However Deputy First Minister John Swinney admitted that the visit was wrong and acknowledged that the parents had raised “quite understandable concerns”.

Mr Swinney added “clearly this was an invitation that should not have been issued”.

British Library

Earlier this month, there was outcry from parents as the British Library hosted events for children by a drag queen.

It organised several ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ sessions for children during half term to promote “queer role models”.

A parent who complained to the British Library asked the institution: “Please can you tell me how you have come to the conclusion that an adult man dressed in hyper-sexualised female clothing is appropriate entertainment for children?”

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