Corbyn faces backlash over Labour trans policy

The Labour Party’s controversial decision to allow men who say they are women onto all-female shortlists has provoked a backlash.

Party members have been angered at the policy change, which they say undermines female representation in the party, and want to confront senior figures about it.

If a motion is passed at the party’s women’s conference later this month, it could be chosen for debate at the main party conference that follows.


Amy Brookes, a Labour councillor in Rotherham who is tabling the motion, said: “Labour has quietly changed the definition of ‘woman’ without consulting women – the sex that is going to lose out.”

Brookes and others fear allowing people to legally change sex by ‘self-declaration’ will endanger women as men could abuse the rule to gain access to female-only areas such as changing rooms.

“Labour has quietly changed the definition of ‘woman’ without consulting women”

She believes self-identification is at odds with the Equality Act, and called on the party to uphold the law and to oppose self-identification.


Judith Green, of campaign group Women’s Place UK, said more consultation was needed with party members.

She said that while some hold the view that there is no debate to be had on reform of the Gender Recognition Act, members of Women’s Place would like to see Labour Party policy reflect their concerns.

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