Columnist: ‘Bring back Christian Christmas cards’

Christmas should be celebrated as an explicitly Christian festival, a columnist has said.

Virginia Blackburn, who describes herself as someone “who goes to church about once a year, if that”, complained that it is increasingly difficult to find Christmas cards which celebrate the birth of Christ.

She said that greetings cards companies should stop pandering to secularists.


“What is wrong with this country? Christmas marks the birth of Christ and yet the vast majority of cards these days have stupid cartoons or trite pictures of snowmen”.

“Presumably this goes hand in hand with suggestions that Christmas should be renamed Winterval in order not to offend non-Christians”.

She continued: “But Christmas is one of the two big events that mark the Christian calendar, a religion that this country’s entire society is based on”.


Blackburn said she presumed it was an attempt by card manufacturers to keep everyone happy, and argued that most people are not offended by religious imagery being used to celebrate religious festivals.

“I, like a good many others, want to treat Christmas as the Christian festival that it is”, she said, as she implored card manufacturers to bring back the religious cards.

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