Clergy urge C of E to withdraw ‘transgender celebration’ guidance

At a meeting with the House of Bishops, the Church of England was urged to withdraw its recent guidance on celebrating ‘gender transitions’.

In January, a letter was written challenging the guidance’s misuse of scripture. It has since been signed by more than 3,100 Church of England clergy and lay members.

Earlier this month, representatives reiterated concerns that the church had compromised truth to bow to the “strong cultural and ideological pressures” surrounding gender ideology.

Theological ramifications

The guidance issued in December supports churches’ use of ‘affirmation of baptism’ services to mark a person’s ‘gender transition’.

The service would re-affirm their previously made promises under their preferred identity, using new names and pronouns.

But clerical representatives argued with the House of Bishops that “much more work needed to be done in relation to unexplored theological and pastoral ramifications of the Guidance”.

No consideration

The group also highlighted that the guidance did not consider the implications for gender-confused children, showed no regard for hurting family members, and confused the very nature and status of marriage.

It concluded: “In the light of our concerns, we continue to believe that the Guidance should be withdrawn”.

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