Clamour for pro-LGBT sex ed in all schools

Campaigners are pushing for secondary schools across England to affirm LGBT lifestyles and teach kids about homosexual practice, under new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE).

The Chief Executive of homosexual lobby group Stonewall, Ruth Hunt, has expressed her desire for RSE – a new curriculum subject in England – to include teaching on “LGBT issues and same-sex relationships”.

Liberal religious figures have also called for RSE to affirm the LGBT agenda, including in faith schools.

Relationships Education

Earlier this year, the Government gave the green light to RSE and primary-level Relationships Education.

The Christian Institute has warned that Relationships Education could expose young children to teaching on homosexuality, transsexualism and same-sex marriage.

RSE will involve teaching on ‘sexuality’, and ministers have suggested that the current right for parents to withdraw their children from sex education could be restricted.

Homosexual practice

Since the new subjects were announced, Stonewall has lobbied for the promotion of homosexuality and transsexualism in RSE.

Speaking to The Telegraph earlier this week, Ruth Hunt called for more pupils to be taught about homosexual practice.

She said: “Now that compulsory Relationships and Sex Education is set to become a reality in England, it’s vital that the government’s guidance ensures that these lessons are always inclusive of LGBT issues and same-sex relationships.”

Faith schools

A push to ensure that schools with a religious designation also endorse the LGBT agenda has been made by several religious figures.

A letter to The Guardian co-signed by Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Revd Steve Chalke and others claims that RSE risks being “hijacked” by those who hold biblical views on sexual ethics.

The letter states that faith schools should be required to “actively promote the acceptance of LGBT people and provide, for pupils of sufficient maturity, factual information about contraception and abortion”.

Parental rights

A spokesman for The Christian Institute said: “Campaigners are mounting a co-ordinated push to ensure that the LGBT agenda is affirmed by all schools – including faith schools.

“Christian, Jewish and Muslim parents have the right to see their children educated in line with their beliefs, and the Government must not trample on this when it legislates for these new curriculum subjects.

“Christians and others must push back hard against these calls, to ensure that parental rights are maintained and the innocence of children is defended.”

Stay informed

Over the next few months, ministers will consult on the proposals with a “wide range of interests and expertise”.

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