Claim of anti-religious bias in gay marriage consultation

The top Government researcher who analysed Scotland’s official consultation on gay marriage made obscene remarks about Cardinal O’Brien while preparing the report, it has been alleged.

It is also alleged that the lead researcher “insulted and belittled” religious views during the period that 80,000 submissions from the public were being examined.

Labour MSP, Michael McMahon, raised the issue in the Scottish Parliament but the Scottish Government claimed there was no evidence to back up the allegations.


Mr McMahon, the member for Uddingston and Bellshill, asked the Government to clarify its position towards the remarks in a written parliamentary question.

But Alex Neil MSP, the minister in charge of the Scottish Government’s plans for gay marriage, denied the reports.


The Scottish Government’s consultation on the issue closed in December after receiving 80,000 responses.

Two thirds of the responses were opposed to changing the current definition.

But the Government remains committed to moving ahead with the controversial change.


The SNP-led Government claims that amending the Equality Act will protect those who believe in traditional marriage.

But a legal opinion by Aidan O’Neill QC, a leading human rights lawyer, makes clear this won’t be enough.

According to the advice teachers who refuse to use storybooks about same-sex marriage because it conflicts with their religious beliefs could be dismissed.