CI blasts Scot Govt’s explicit sex census for teens

Children as young as 14 are to be asked explicit questions about their sexual experiences by the Scottish Government – a move blasted by The Christian Institute.

Among the intrusive questions is one which asks pupils to indicate whether they have engaged in any of a series of listed sex acts.

Billed as confidential, the survey responses can be traced back to individual children, prompting one parent to defiantly state: “It is so intrusive and I won’t compromise on the privacy of my family.”


The census was designed by Public Health Scotland, along with Education Scotland, local authorities, schools, and the Scottish Government, who have refused to disclose the full contents of the survey.

The Institute’s Deputy Director for Public Affairs, Simon Calvert, called the census “creepy, intrusive and highly inappropriate”.

Mr Calvert said: “A lot of parents are going to be shocked at the idea of their kid’s school serving them up a detailed list of adult sexual activities and asking them which ones they’ve engaged in.”

He added: “If a teacher sat down with a fourteen-year-old pupil and asked them these questions to their face, the parent would be calling the police accusing him of being a sex offender. What were officials thinking when they signed off on schools dishing this out to pupils?”

‘Serious concerns’

At least half of the Scottish councils have censored, suspended or pulled the survey, including Edinburgh and Glasgow.

West Lothian Council, which has refused to send the census out, cited “significant concerns” with its content.

Only ten councils have said they will distribute the survey as received from the Scottish Government, including Dundee, Perth and Kinross, Moray, and Renfrewshire.

The Scottish Conservative children’s spokeswoman, Meghan Gallacher, said: “A number of questions are overly intrusive and inappropriate for children to answer. Adults would be uncomfortable answering them, so it’s difficult to grasp why anyone thought they were suitable for younger people.”

LGBT ideology

Pupils are not required to take part in the survey, which also includes questions such as “How often do you enjoy being with the people you live with?” and “How often do you and the people you live with usually have meals together?”

Earlier this year, the Scottish Government announced its intention to impose LGBT ideology across the curriculum in state schools.

An online platform for pro-LGBT school resources was published to coincide with the move, managed by the controversial group, Time For Inclusive Education, on behalf of the Scottish Government.

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