Church of Scotland: Keep current definition of marriage

Redefining marriage would “fundamentally” change the institution, the Church of Scotland has said.

In its response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the issue, the Kirk rejected plans to change the definition of marriage to allow for same-sex couples.

It said such a move may also have “significant and, as yet, inadequately considered repercussions for our country, for the well-being of families, communities and individuals”.


The Church warned that the Government’s proposal “fundamentally changes marriage as it is understood in our country and our culture – that it is a relationship between one man and one woman”.

It continued: “In common with the historic position of the Christian Church, the Church of Scotland has always viewed marriage as being between one man and one woman.”

The Church described the current definition of marriage as “entrenched and valued” within Scottish culture.


The Scottish National Party (SNP) Government consultation on same-sex marriage closes on 9 December.

Yesterday a new campaign group was launched to stop marriage being redefined in Scotland.

Over 200 people gathered outside the Scottish Parliament to mark the start of “Scotland for Marriage”. More than 1,000 people have so far signed a petition on the issue at

Former SNP leader, Gordon Wilson, spoke at the event yesterday welcoming the campaign. Ann Allen, former Convener of the Church of Scotland’s Board of Social Responsibility, also spoke.


So too did Cardinal O’Brien, Roman Catholic Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh.

Scotland for Marriage is backed by The Christian Institute and other religious and non-religious groups.

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