Christmas viewing: Corrie’s lesbian love triangle

Three homosexual Coronation Street characters are set to be part of a lesbian love triangle in a storyline that will reach a climax at Christmas with a civil partnership proposal.

It will underline concerns that the show is being used as a platform to push homosexual issues.

This storyline involves characters Sophie Webster and Sian Powers, who are in a lesbian relationship, and Amber Kalirai.


The plot will see Amber make an advance on Sophie having spiked her drink with gin.

A source on the show said: “It’s all going to get very messy indeed.”

At the start of the year a homosexual producer of the TV soap said he uses the show as a platform for pushing homosexual issues.


Phil Collinson told the Sun it is “an amazing platform” that really makes “a difference to the way people think”.

But in July he denied using the show as a gay soapbox.

Art critic and TV personality, Brian Sewell, recently criticised the excessive number of homosexuals, transsexuals, and teenage lesbian characters on the soap.

Writing in a national newspaper he said: “There’s too much, not only of gay men … but also of lesbians, bisexuals, the trans-gender community, cross-dressers and everyone else with some sexual quirk or fetish.”


The Daily Mail reports that some of the show’s actors led a ‘gay pride’ parade in Manchester in August 2010.

But in May it was reported that the cast of Coronation Street was becoming increasingly irritated by the soap’s growing number of same-sex plotlines.

One Coronation Street insider said: “It’s not a happy place to be at the moment – and there is growing unrest that the show is losing its way.”

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