Christmas tree chocs with ‘Meaningful’ story

The chocolate company that produced an Easter egg with a message about Jesus’ resurrection on the box, has now turned its attention to Christmas.

The Meaningful Chocolate Company has produced a set of Christmas tree decorations that help parents teach their children about the Christmas story.

Last year their Easter egg hit the headlines because some supermarkets were cautious about stocking it, fearful that the message about Jesus’ resurrection may offend unbelievers.


But other supermarkets sold the egg, and mail order stock was sold out, making it a runaway success.

The new chocolate Christmas tree decorations are sold in a pack that includes a limited edition Christmas card, a sticker set and six Fairtrade chocolate tree decorations.

The company says: “The Christmas story, which can be found on the card, enables adults or children to read the Christmas story while placing character stickers on the decorations.

“Once completed, the decorations can be hung on the tree as a reminder of the real meaning of Christmas and as a meaningful treat for all.”


David Marshall, from The Meaningful Chocolate Company, commented: “We estimate that most of the UK’s 20 million Christmas trees don’t have anything religious hung on them.

“The Meaningful Chocolate Tree Decorations are an opportunity to buy an interactive gift that allows the telling of the Christmas story at home.”

The Rt Rev Dr Alan Smith, Bishop of St Albans, said: “I am delighted that, following the success of The Real Easter Egg, The Meaningful Chocolate Company has developed this great product which enables the telling of the Christmas story as well as supporting Fairtrade and charitable causes. This is a fun way for people to share that story.”

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