Christmas decorations featuring Jesus deemed ‘offensive’

A US family which included the name of Jesus in a Christmas display outside their home was told to remove it after a neighbour claimed it was offensive.

Mark and Lynn Wivell, from Adams County, Pennsylvania put up the display to tell people in their neighbourhood that “we in this family believe that the reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of Jesus”.

The couple were asked to remove it by the homeowners’ association, following a complaint from an unnamed neighbour.


“I’m looking at this as a forum to promote what Christmas is all about”, Mark said.

“We wanted our neighbours to know how we feel. I don’t want this to be about me though. I want it to be about the birth of Jesus.”

Lynn said: “I was quite shocked it offended somebody, but I guess in today’s world I shouldn’t have been.”


The pair have since received tremendous support from many other neighbours.

Mark added: “People get offended by different things, but just because something offends you, doesn’t mean the whole world has to change to accommodate you, so I would say please be more tolerant.”

Mr and Mrs Wivell have decided to leave the display in place until 15 January – the homeowners’ association deadline for taking down decorations.

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