Christmas cards by Tories didn’t mention Christmas

The Conservative Party has come under attack after its official Christmas card made no reference to Christmas.

The cards which bear the non-religious message “Season’s Greetings” are decorated with the Party’s logo and feature winter scenes and pictures of Robins.

Two years ago David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative Party, slammed politically correct Christmas cards that didn’t mention Christmas as “insulting tosh”.

Tory back benchers are reported to be upset with the politically correct nature of the “Season’s Greetings” card.

Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley, said: “If this decision has been made on a PC basis it would be totally unacceptable and I would be extremely saddened.”

He added: “I have yet to meet anyone of any religion who is offended by people in this country celebrating Christmas.

“The only people who complain are those who get offended on other people’s behalf: the white middle class Guardian-reading left wing do-gooders with a misguided guilt complex and too much time on their hands.”

The Daily Mail reports that they contacted the Conservative Party about the “Season’s Greetings” cards prompting a response from a party spokesman.

The spokesman said: “Due to an oversight, the cards available from our online shop currently have the words ‘Season’s Greetings’, but we have now added new stock with the words ‘Merry Christmas’.”

Both sets of cards can be seen on the Conservative Party’s website.

This is not the first time that greeting cards have caused controversy for politicians.

In October the Liberal Democrats mistakenly sent a card to a Christian in Watford wishing him a ‘Happy Eid’ because he had a ‘Muslim-sounding’ name.

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