Christians win campaign to block sex shop application

A sex shop in Worthing has been refused a licence to sell explicit pornographic films after local Christians spoke out against the application.

This was the third failed attempt by the proprietors of the ‘Secret Desires’ shop in Rowlands Road, Worthing, to obtain a licence.

They wanted the licence to sell ‘R-18′ films – the most pornographic films legally available in the UK – and a wider variety of sex toys.

Individual Christians and churches in Worthing presented evidence to the local authorities of widespread opposition from businesses and residents.

A council solicitor said the bid was rejected on the grounds it would be inappropriate in the high density residential area in which it was situated. She added it was on a main thoroughfare into the town centre often used by children.

A council may refuse to grant a licence to a sex shop because either the applicant or the location is inappropriate.