Christians urge voters to say ‘no’ to Ireland abortions

The Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI) has reminded Irish citizens of “the importance and value of human life” in the lead up to the country’s referendum on abortion.

The Irish constitution’s Eighth Amendment pledges to “defend and vindicate” the equal right to life of the unborn and the mother, “as far as practicable”.

A referendum on whether to repeal the amendment will take place on 25 May.

Sanctity of life

The PCI sent out a letter to all of its ministers last weekend, calling for members to “honour the sanctity of human life”.

It stated the PCI “has concluded that meaningful protection for the unborn can only be secured if the Eighth Amendment is retained in the forthcoming referendum.

“We therefore encourage church members to consider these matters prayerfully and with great care over the coming weeks and to vote in accordance with their conscience.”

It went on: “As Christians, we see the scriptures speaking consistently of the importance and value of human life, including that of the unborn. On that basis, we are responsible before God to honour the sanctity of human life.”

‘Home to Vote No’

Pro-life group London-Irish United For Life has also started a new campaign encouraging Irish citizens living in the UK to go ‘Home to Vote No’ in the referendum.

Suzanne Conway said: “Voting to retain the amendment that protects the unborn individual’s life is something that we should be proud of.”

Seáinín Mac Brádaigh added: “I think that going home to vote is a duty because it says to the world this is the kind of society I come from and it will inform the kind of society I will return to.”

Fake news

In Ireland, the Save The Eighth campaign has called for a pro-abortion campaigner to resign after spreading “fake news” in a media interview.

Speaking to Irish music magazine ‘Hot Press’, Dr Peter Boylan claimed that at least three women had died as a result of the Eighth Amendment.

The Save The Eighth campaign strongly refuted the claim.

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