Christians feel part of an ill-treated minority, says poll

Over two thirds of Christians feel part of a victimised minority and David Cameron is making that worse by redefining marriage, the Coalition for Marriage says.

In a new poll commissioned by the group, almost eight in ten said the Prime Minister’s same-sex marriage plan will lead to those who back traditional marriage facing the sack.

More than two thirds, 67 per cent, said they felt part of a “persecuted minority”.


The survey also showed that over half of the UK’s Christians who voted Conservative in 2010 would “definitely not” do so again in 2015.

Colin Hart, Campaign Director of the Coalition for Marriage, said the poll showed “widespread and continued opposition towards David Cameron’s plans to redefine marriage”.

He added: “More worryingly it shows how Christians and those of faith are being treated like illegal aliens in their own country. They are being marginalised and persecuted for their beliefs.

“Far from standing up for their rights, the PM is making things worse by redefining marriage, leaving those who disagree to be treated like outcasts.”


The poll, which was conducted by ComRes, questioned 535 regular churchgoers online.

It also found that just eight per cent believe the gay marriage policy will help the Prime Minister retain the keys to Downing Street, with almost 70 per cent disagreeing.

According to the survey, 76 per cent said that many people who would oppose bringing in same-sex marriage are reluctant to say so for fear of being called a bigot. Just 11 per cent disagreed.

More than half of respondents supported the idea of putting the policy of redefining marriage to a national referendum.


Mr Hart commented that it is “astonishing” that the Prime Minister is pressing ahead with the policy – given “the significant and growing opposition to these plans”.

And he added that already Christians and people of other faiths are “being forced out of their jobs and treated as outcasts, because they back the traditional definition of marriage, which goes against the view held by the metropolitan liberal elite”.

Mr Hart concluded that the Government should “accept the overwhelming weight of the arguments against these plans and ditch them”.

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