Christian MSP: ‘God is my anchor’

A Christian MSP has shared how she continues to put her trust in God amid the hatred she receives for her views.

Kate Forbes, SNP MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch, who was recently promoted to Scottish Finance Secretary, has been subject to abuse from activists after she urged her Government not to rush changes to the Gender Recognition Act.

But at a public meeting at Perth Baptist Church, she explained how her faith in God is her “anchor and frame of reference”, and that she has learned not to believe what people say about her.


Forbes said: “Being involved in politics was the first time that I knew what it felt like to be hated. Before, maybe people fall out with you slightly, but in politics people don’t see the person, they see the label.”

She added that the world of politics is a “very angry place” with “a lot of vitriol”, but explained how, on the day she was promoted, she found comfort in the Bible.

“That morning, I had been reading in Matthew the story of Peter walking on water. When Peter sees the wind and the waves, he’s afraid.

“I’m afraid, but the answer of course is, ‘O ye of little faith, why do you doubt?’”


Forbes also touched on the way debate has changed in recent years, and how her faith shapes her attitude to this.

“There used to be a day when I would respect you as a human being, then have fun disagreeing or arguing with you or debating your views.

“Now it’s ‘If I don’t like your views, I hate you and I will let you know that I hate you’. That’s undermined the quality of our debate.”

‘Boss of bosses’

She said Christians should encourage and pray for politicians, “whether you vote for them or not”.

“When making decisions, I recognise that I know the boss of all bosses, and he sees everything I do. When it comes to making decisions in public as well as in private, I know that there is the ultimate scrutiny.”

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