Christian MP: ‘A life in Christ is the most wonderful thing’

Ahead of Easter, a Christian MP has highlighted the importance of the Christian faith to the spiritual life of the UK, and implored his fellow MPs to do “much more” to promote Christianity in society.

Nick Fletcher, MP for Don Valley, said: “We celebrate on Easter Sunday the resurrection of Christ, giving us not just a God, but a living God to believe in, to worship, to help us and to make us right with Him, with the promise of eternal life. What a wonderful gift.”

He explained that “much of our heritage is woven in our historical Christian past, and it is therefore extremely important not just to this place but to our nation as a whole”.

Selfish nature

Mr Fletcher spent time reflecting on what it means to be British, and said we owe a lot to our Christian way of life, which has enabled us to live in freedom, but added that Christianity is about more than that, explaining: “It is about a life with Jesus and what that life offers, not just to the individual but to society as a whole.”

He continued: “Sadly, when mankind removes God from the equation, mankind resorts to its base nature. Man’s base nature is not what we think it should be — it is not good.

“Watching two infants play, we often see them snatch and not want to share. We must admit that we are all born at least a little selfish, if nothing worse, which is the start — the start of a life that can often lead to things going drastically wrong without correction.

“If the teachings of the Christian way of life are slowly eroded, which I believe they have been, I am afraid that each generation will fall further away from our God. Life can and will definitely get worse for us all.”

Romans 1

The MP took the opportunity to share his thoughts on the nature of mankind with his fellow MPs, saying: “Our need for something to believe in is always present and if it is not in the Christian teachings and God, what is it in? If we have no faith or turn our back on faith, we search for something to fill the void. Often, we start looking inwards. We start to lust after things that are not good for us.”

He explained that despite all the luxuries we have in our society, a great many people are still unhappy and struggle with their mental health. He went on to explain that the Bible teaches that: “if we turn our back on God, He will give us up to our natural state.

“We become filled with all kinds of wickedness, evil and greed. We gossip and speak badly of one another. We become proud and boastful and, when young, disobey our parents. It teaches us that we lose our conscience and do not keep our promises. We show no kindness or pity for others and become unforgiving souls.

“If we turn our back on God, He will give us up, and I think that in many places in society he may already have done so.”

‘Beacon of hope’

He called for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to do “much more to promote faith and family and our Christian heritage, values and way of life, encourage the country’s people to look out for each other instead of focusing inwards; embrace a culture of forgiveness and love for all our neighbours; and lead the nation to speak proudly of its past”.

Mr Fletcher added: “If our Christian culture with its faith and families shines like the beacon of hope that it should, the ideologies and desires that are often negative will be starved of oxygen and will fall away one by one.”

He briefly shared his testimony, saying: “I know that I am a sinner. I have turned my back on God before, but 15 years ago I gave my life to Jesus forever, and I know that He is with me now. I know that at Easter, Jesus died on a cross for me — yes, for me, and for you. Through my repentance and my belief in Him, I am saved.

“Although that fills me with great joy, I want all the world to know that Jesus loves them, too. I want the people of this nation to fix their eyes on heaven, not on themselves or their earthly desires. I want them to believe in a living God, not fashionable ideologies.”

Future in Christ

The MP concluded his speech by saying: “This Easter will our Government promote celebrating what Christ did for us on the cross on Good Friday, and His resurrection on Easter Sunday? Will they encourage the nation to go to church and embrace our Christian culture?

“If the people do so, and if they search and listen, they will find God, too. He is waiting with open arms. The angels are ready to sing for every sinner who repents and believes in our Lord.

“If the Government get this right, we will all instinctively know what our British culture is. God will not turn his back on us. He will hold and love us, and the culture wars will be no more. Can the Minister imagine being part of a Government who eradicated the culture wars and got the country to be proud of its past, content with its present and sure of its future in Christ?

“There is a challenge. If the Minister and the Government wish to take it, I will be right behind them, and so will millions of Christians across this land. Happy Easter. God bless us all, and God bless our country.”

‘The most wonderful thing’

Mr Fletcher then later closed the debate by encouraging his fellow parliamentarians to come to know Christ personally: “As we know, Easter is an extra-special time. I genuinely believe that a life in Christ is the most wonderful thing.

“Although Christmas and Easter shine a light on the Christian faith, I believe God is with me all the time and that He helps me. I am never alone because of my faith. There are so many lonely people out there, and it is our duty as Christians to go and see them and let them know what faith in Christ can do for them and for society as a whole.

“Please, if anyone wants to know more about Christ, come and knock on my door. I would love to tell as many people as possible about Him.”

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