Christian medics in US forced to go against abortion conscience

Christian doctors in the US state of Illinois will soon be required to advise patients on the ‘benefits’ of having an abortion, after a new Bill was approved by the Republican Governor.

All medical professionals, including those in pregnancy centres, will now be forced to comply regardless of their conscience.

A petition against the Bill has been started and a legal challenge is also expected.


Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner went against the wishes of his own party to approve the Bill.

Pro-life activists in Illinois say that the Bill violates the conscience of many working in the medical profession.

The Bill will also require pro-life medical professionals to inform patients about abortion provision.

The new law will come into force on 1 January 2017.


Emily Zender, Executive Director of Illinois Right to Life, said she was “extremely disappointed”.

“This radical bill is a direct assault on the consciences of medical professionals and the missions of community supported pregnancy help centers”, she said.

She added, “for Illinoisans to be forced to participate in any way in abortion is a tremendous injustice”.


Ann Scheidler, Vice President of the Illinois-based Pro-Life Action League, added her voice to those opposed to the Bill.

She called its passing “sad and tragic news”.

“The pro-life pregnancy centers should be protected from giving exactly the advice that goes against everything they stand for.”

Illinois Right to Life have gathered over 6,000 signatures in opposition to the Bill, while Alliance Defending Freedom and others are expected to mount a legal challenge, arguing that the Bill is unconstitutional.

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