Christian man without limbs spreads anti-bullying message

Christian speaker Nick Vujicic, who was born without limbs, is on tour promoting an anti-bullying message.

The bestselling author, who attempted suicide at the age of 10, has been in New York’s Times Square as part of his 10,000 Hugs Tour.

As a child, Vujicic experienced bullying and has released his book ‘Stand Strong’ to help others facing similar situations.


The Australian-born speaker has previously held a Guinness Book of World Records title for the most hugs in one hour with over 1,700.

On Wednesday, although he did not break the record, he met scores of tourists and fans in New York.

As a child, he struggled with physical and emotional challenges, having been born with a rare condition called tetra-amelia syndrome.

Writing on his website, he says: “I was born without arms or legs and given no medical reason for this condition.


“Faced with countless challenges and obstacles, God has given me the strength to surmount what others might call impossible.”

After his attempted suicide, he founded the charity Life Without Limbs at the age of 17.

He explains: “My greatest joy in this life is to introduce Jesus to those I meet and tell them of His great desire to get to know them personally by allowing Him to become their Lord and Savior. That’s what Life Without Limbs is all about.”

He is now a New York Times bestselling author and as a worldwide speaker, he has visited over 40 countries .

He says: “Because of the ministry of Life Without Limbs, God has used me in countless schools, churches, prisons, orphanages, hospitals, stadiums and in face-to-face encounters with individuals, telling them how very precious they are to God.”