Christian Air Force Colonel should be ‘visibly punished’, say US secularists

A Christian US Air Force officer has been attacked by a secularist group for citing Jesus as an influence.

Lt. Colonel Michael Kersten responded to a question in an article called, “Meet your leadership,” by saying: “As a Christian, my example is to be like Christ. He is my guide and affects all of my decisions.”

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) is now calling for him to be reprimanded for his words after describing them as “improper, coercive” comments.

’Visibly punished’

President of MRFF Mikey Weinstein wrote an open letter, claiming that the group had received complaints from over 100 military personnel regarding Lt. Col. Kersten’s comments.

“He has proclaimed to the entire Incirlik Air Base community that ALL of his decisions are based upon his Christian faith,” Weinstein said.

He argued that Lt. Col. Kersten’s comments show a favourtisim towards his Christian faith and can be seen as proselytising.

He then demanded that Lt. Col. Kersten be “visibly punished,” forced to apologise for his comments and also be made to re-affirm the Air Force’s commitment to religious, racial, sexual, political and ethnic diversity.

Open Bible

Earlier this year, the same group demanded ‘swift, visible and aggressive punishment’ for another US Air Force officer because he had an open Bible on his desk.

The MRFF described the situation as “repulsive”, “sordid” and “disgusting” and claimed it had left 33 families “very scared”.

After a short investigation, it was decided that Major Steve Lewis could keep the Bible on his desk.

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