Children’s author backed after abuse from trans activists

The children’s author who wrote a book encouraging youngsters to love the bodies they were born with has been backed by fellow authors following online harassment from trans activists.

Rachel Rooney wrote ‘My Body is Me!’ to counteract the recent “explosion” of books promoting radical gender ideology.

Since it was published by parent group Transgender Trend, she has been targeted with online abuse, and says she hasn’t eaten or slept properly since its release.

‘Terrorist propaganda’

One of the lines in the book says: “You’re born in your body, you don’t have a spare, so love it, hug it, treat it with care”.

But activists attacked the book online, with one likening it to “terrorist propaganda”. Another called on an authors’ agency to be aware that Rooney was “ideologically driven”.

“We’ve had nothing but praise and compliments for the sessions she runs in schools”

The agency, Authors Aloud, organises storytelling visits to schools and libraries for authors and illustrators. Rooney is one of their clients.

It said: “Rachel Rooney works with us in her capacity as a poet. We’ve had nothing but praise and compliments for the sessions she runs in schools so we’ve got absolutely no plans to stop working with her.”


John Dougherty, author of the ‘Stinkbomb & Ketchup-Face’ series, came to Rooney’s defence by responding to her aggressors.

He said: “I’m concerned to see you apparently attacking a fellow writer’s source of income because you disagree with her views.

“Make your objections to Transgender Trend as loudly as you like but unless you’ve got good reason to suggest Rachel might behave unprofessionally on school visits, I don’t think this is fair.”

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